Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Reflection by Karan, the founder of Saffron Education

There are a few times in your life when you feel you have done something truly meaningful - changed lives, touched someone, or actually made a difference to the world in a very small way. Today, thats how I feel.

I feel, great pride - Watching 6 undergraduate students, from Harvard between 18- 22 years old fly around the world and brave the cold, and eat spicy food, never complaining, always smiling and leading from the front has been inspirational. Reid's energy, Sheba's drive, Emily's quiet sense of confidence, Ujunwa's maturity, Akansha's smile and of course D's speeches, I think won all of Bhutan's hearts over.

But even more so,watching 20 Bhutanese volunteers dancing, singing, speaking and confidently leading has been truly moving for all of us facilitators. The number of times, I have been hugged, congratulated and cheered by people here has been incredible. Gross National Happiness is alive and well in Bhutan and truly the country is in safe and good hands with wonderful people set to lead it as it dances into the future.

Today, standing around the circle where people spoke about the highlight of the camp for them - I was truly moved by how many people spoke straight from the heart and the deep bonds that were developed over 10 days. The ocean of tears, where almost every person broke down and cried after speaking in many waves for me signified greater success then any of the words that were said.

I know many of us will be great leaders but after today am convinced that all of us have been inspired to be better human beings. Today, I realized that life is not really about achievement , applause or accomplishment but is simply about attitude, belief, passion and celebration - How a little will can go a long way.

Bhutan 2011 - Youth Lead the Change has been incredible - and I hope all the people involved will take some of this energy and spread it amongst their communities whereever in the world they may be.

Tashi Delek!

Karan Maheshwari

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  1. Sounds like an absolutely amazing experience. Be proud of yourselves and start looking for more opportunities like these!