Wednesday, January 12, 2011

First Day of Training at the Youth Development Fund

Monday marked our first day of training at the Youth Development Fund (YDF), the organization that we are partnering with to deliver our program in Bhutan. YDF is an impressive organization in Bhutan with the mission of “enabling youth to realize their full potential as productive citizens of the world”. They run a host of programs that are centered around youth development.

(Playing an icebreaker outside with the Bhutanese trainers for our Youth Lead the Change program at YDF. We will be training together for four days before our 60 students arrive on Friday.)

In the morning, we gave a formal presentation to members of YDF about our program and purpose in being here. Our presentation was followed by Madame Dorji-Om presenting YDF and a showing short video on their many programs for youth.

(Madame Dorji-Ohm giving us a presentation on the Youth Development Fund.)

For the rest of the afternoon we then met with the 30 trainers that we will be training in the coming four days. We will be working to train-the-trainers before we all work together to teach our 60 students for the Youth Lead the Change Leadership Camp next week. It was amazing to finally meet the trainers in person and hear about who they are and why they are here.

We worked on setting our group norms for the coming 10 days, and also spent a while discussing what success would look like for our youth leadership program. It was powerful to work on these exercises together and come together on our goals for the program. We also played a number of fun icebreakers that we really great for getting to know one another better.

At the end of the day, we went around the room and each gave a reflection of the day. It was amazing to hear what people said and how excited everyone was for the program. Overall, it was a very positive first day and made us all very hopeful for the coming work ahead!

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