Friday, January 14, 2011

Famous People in Bhutan!

Below are four photos of some of the important people that we will/have met thus far on our adventure:

Llama taught us an important lesson about Buddhism and the idea that it is not a religion but rather a lifestyle. It is possible to a Buddhist Christian or Buddhist Muslim as long as your intentions are right. We have meditation every morning in order to be mindful of ourselves. We are all Buddha and therefore in Bhutan, we all have the potential to be enlightened.

(Llama leading a morning meditation)

Below is one of the trainers leading our group in a lesson. The trainers have grown so much in the last three days and their confidence is amazing. As Harvard teachers, we have been able to sit back and let the students lead each other and it has been truly inspiring. These are important people because they represent the future of Bhutan and all of the many great qualities that it possesses.
(Rajesh leading the trainers in a teachback)

Outside of our hotel window, we can see Planet Gym. It is one of a very few gyms in Bhutan as weightlifting isn't a big part of their culture. Planet Gym is the home of many big time weightlifters. We have been very fortunate to have the opportunity to meet Mr. Bhutan, who has competed in international body building competitions. He is one of the first bodybuilders in Bhutan and is about to have a documentary written about him by a former Harvard student. He has taught us a lot about different ways to train the mind and body.

(Reid with Mr. Bhutan Olympia)

Her majesty, the Queen, is coming to watch us perform on Saturday. She is the President of YDF (Youth Development Fund) our sponsor program, and is a huge proponent of the youth. All of the Royal Family is very dearly loved here and are the most important people in Bhutan. We will be putting on a cultural show, mixing American and Bhutanese culture, as well as presenting on our program. We are extremely excited to have the honor to meet such an amazing woman.
(Ugyen, a trainer and famous singer in Bhutan, and Emily preparing "Stand by Me" which they will be singing for Her Majesty)

Tomorrow starts the first day of teaching the students and we are all extremely excited. The opportunity to meet the above people has really played a big role in effecting our understanding of the community.

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